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Ceramic & Ferrite

Ceramic & Ferrite

Steatite Ceramic C220

DIN VDE0335 (IEC672-3)

1000C insulator

Interlocking & tube

EMI/RFI suppression ferrite

Beads & Tubes

Ribbon cable


Snap-on retro-fit

RoHS Compliant

Ceramic beads and spacers from Cerabead are typically used for high temperature insulation applications and are available as straight tubes for spacing hot resistors off the PCB or interlocking for flexible wire protection. Made from Steatite ceramic, the beads can withstand temperatures up to 1000C.

For cable EMI suppression applications we have a wide range of ferrite components from leading manufacturers such as Richco, Steward and Fair-Rite. Available in a wide range of styles tubes, beads, ribbon cable, toroidal and split types for retro-fit applications. A wide range of sizes are normally available from stock at competitive prices and we offer a technical design facility.

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